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Our Systems

To ensure 360-degree control of our operations and to boost the continuous innovation of our customer-facing applications, we maintain and use state-of-the-art IT service applications under eco-friendly environmental conditions. We purchase genuine softwares from reputed software providers and avoid pirated products.

At Tiger Logistics, we upgrade our Information Technology tools on a regular basis to maintain our core strength and to enhance the efficiency of our business. We understand that quick and easy transfer of information is important for providing accurate and timely logistics services to our customers. Therefore, Tiger Logistics` entire global network uses unified, event-driven operational systems. We are able to control our systems` development with the help of upgraded softwares handled by our experienced IT professionals and our operations staff on a daily basis.

Our IT professionals work hard to develop new systems applications and improve the existing ones, thereby ensuring that our systems conform to the global standard and at the same time streamlining our internal communication as well as our communication with clients. In our internal systems, we always prefer to use genuine Windows, Microsoft and IBM products for a green and clean environment.

For better reliability of our services, we use Physical IBM servers, Intel Processors, Windows Server 2012 – R2, Microsoft Licensed softwares, Microsoft database servers and Microsoft desktop applications and DELL, SAMSUNG, SONY and HP systems only.