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Customs Clearance

Tiger Logistics` team of experienced customs and regulatory compliance professionals tackles the most complex international trade rules and regulations with an entirely innovative approach and a high level of effectiveness which ultimately result in hassle-free customs clearance. Our experts understand the complexities of customs and trade rules and address them efficiently at the global, national and local levels, thereby ensuring smooth and speedy transportation of your consignments, to and from any location across the world.

Our services and expertise include the following:

  • Consultancy on pre-shipment and post-shipment services
  • Liaising with government agencies for quicker customs clearance
  • Managing freight documentation and information disparities,  spotting blockages and reducing hold-ups that can be expensive
  • Computing duties as well as other taxes for importers/exporters and minimizing the risk of penalties/fines.
  • Leveraging “free trade zones” and other customs compliance programs for the benefit of our clientele.
  • Automated customs clearance
  • Holder of custom house agent`s licence
  • Customs bonds underwriting