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Tools & Techniques

Tiger Logistics` IT service facility provides round-the-clock support to its clientele and enables them to track and manage statistics such as purchase order data and various processes including order fulfillment. Our IT help desk facility is continuously leveraging the IT-driven process management and providing exceptional services to our customers across the world. We are incessantly working to strengthen our expertise in Information Technology in order to provide more timely, reliable and efficient services.

Tiger Logistics offers its customers and service providers tracking and technology-driven services that are especially designed to fit the diverse needs of supply chains. Our tools promote collaboration between all industry verticals and offer a single point of contact for effective logistics operations. By using these tools, customers can easily fulfill their specific requirements such as customized reporting, pre-service alerts and many others.

The logistics industry is heavily dependent on technological tools and systems on a regular basis for the processing as well as distribution of information in digital and other formats. Tiger Logistics uses the MDaemon mail server to increase productivity and promote the development of a paperless environment between customers and service providers.

The AnexGATE

Our security firewall “AnexGATE” protects each and every system used by our employees. AnexGATE secures our systems` data from ‘virus attacks’ and also warns and protects the data contained in our systems from virus containing sites. Thus AnexGATE helps us by boosting the security of our systems. There are many sites which create trouble by spreading illegal content or sending Trojan horse and several Malwares. In such situations AnexGATE works as a reliable, trustworthy and secured firewall for our computers. 


Our in-house server-“Logisys” helps us with accuracy and ease in billing, accounting, documentation and customer service support. Logisys also contains track and trace data, shipper details, shipment details, shipment information from top to bottom and all accounting details. Simply by updating Logisys we can avail the whole information, starting from the beginning to the completion of a shipment. 

Mail Server

Apart from Logisys, we implement the in-house E-Mail “MDaemon” server for excellent speed, data transfer, hassle-free connectivity and non-stop business conversations with our clients.MDaemon mail server is an excellent in-house server for Logistics users. We have been continuously working with this mail server, which is error-free and extremely convenient for our clients.  The MDaemon server, designed to serve any industry client, provides relief from several hassles and issues related to speed and connectivity.

The Alt N Com Agent

We are using Alt N Com Agent which helps in simplifying in-house operations. It is a part of the MDaemon mail server and is developed by Alt - N Technologies. It helps our employees to get easy access to day to day business conversations. This is an in-house chat system which provides hassle free chatting options towards the business support and management. It saves time, money and energy which are very necessary for work processes in the Logistics Industry.  It also results in a reduction of unnecessary projections which is usual in today scenario. The Alt--N Com Agent is very useful and helpful in connecting people working in an office.

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