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Cold Chain Logistics

Cold Chain Logistics

Tiger Logistics` customized, cost-effective and highly flexible cold chain logistics solutions ensure that the temperature-specific requirements of your goods are met while being transported from one point to the next point in the supply chain. Our services guarantee that your consignments will reach their destination in excellent condition.

Our Temperature-Controlled Logistics Solutions&Their Benefits

  • Refrigerated cargo services for all temperature sensitive, hazardous and perishable goods
  • Storage, shipping, warehousing, and delivery of frozen/chilled items
  • We provide cold chain logistics solutions for fruits&vegetables, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agricultural items and a diverse range of products across numerous industries.
  • Worldwide ocean freight services for reefer commodities
  • Secure and sanitary transportation by the highest quality refrigerated/frozen carriers
  • Integrated cold chain logistics solutions across the globe.
  • Delivery on time/Reduced delivery times which further enhance the shelf life of products.
  • We have proven expertise in Palletizing, Sorting, Labeling and Re-packing.
  • Meticulous handling of stock control and cold storage.
  • We provide customized solutions using a unique consolidation/ de-consolidation model and reliable refrigerated carriers at incredibly low rates.
  • We use automation technologies such as data loggers/sensors etc. to ensure process follow- up.
  • Marking and labeling of hazardous shipments by our team help in identifying and handling them with extra care.
  • Our documentation procedure involves elaborate paperwork, which describes the contents of your consignment and helps in its proper management during transportation.
  • Our flexible, effective and economical services provide a competitive edge to our customers.

Careful Monitoring

World-class quality assurance is a very crucial aspect of Tiger Logistics` approach. We successfully execute the challenging task of transporting temperature-sensitive cargo by taking care every step of the way to ensure that they are moved in an appropriate and temperature-controlled environment. We rely on our experienced and dedicated employees who monitor your goods throughout their transportation from one point of the supply chain to another. We check consignments on a regular basis to make sure that all necessary precautions are taken and requirements are fulfilled to keep your goods safe.

Special Case - HAZMAT Shipments (Chemicals & Hazards):

Shipping hazardous materials is not an easy task as it requires paying special attention to appropriate packaging, use of suitable containers and many other aspects. While moving hazardous shipments from one place to another, we particularly focus on preventing them from leaking so that they don`t pose any risk to the safety of the workers transporting them. With suitable packagings, transportation in leakage-proof containers and secure closures, we keep the contents safe. Besides, by labelling and marking all such shipments, we make them easily identifiable and ensure that they are handled by transportation workers with extra care.
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