Tools & Techniques

Our 24 x 7 IT service facility is available for Customers to help and understand their business part and made ease to our employees. IT help desk facility is available for providing leverage to IT-driven process management collaboratively with those customers who need exceptional customer services. We are working to strengthen out Information Technology department regularly and we believe that Tiger Logistics will always be first to serve our esteemed clients.

Tiger Logistics offers our customers and service providers tracking and technology driven services designed to fit the diverse needs of any supply chain arena. Our tools promote collaboration between all industry verticals and offer a single point of contact for effective logistics operations. Specific customer requirements like customized reporting, pre - service alerts and other notifications can be easily communicate through these functionality.

Tiger Logistics recognizes the importance of MDaemon mail server to increase productivity and further the development of a paperless environment between the customers and service providers. Logistics Industry requires the regular use of technologies from computing, electronics, and telecommunications to process and distribute information in digital and other forms.

IT is not limited solely to computers though. With technologies quickly developing in the fields of cell phones, PDAs and other handheld devices, the field of IT is quickly moving from compartmentalized computer-focused areas to other forms of developing technology. Our technologies are helpful in coordinating with web activities to manage the trends running in the industry.

The cost of information is decreased due to the increasing rate of technologies. In an integrated supply chain where materials and information flow is bi-directional, people needs to understand that information technology is more than just computers.

The AnexGATE:

We established the security firewall “AnexGATE” in the beginning days of our company which covered each and every system. AnexGATE truly secures our system data from several ‘viruses attacks’ also warn and prevent our system data from several virus containing sites which are very common now a days. AnexGATE help us by providing security to our systems while working. There are so many sites which are creating trouble by spreading illegal contents or send Trojan horse and several Malwares by just a single click. In present scenario AnexGATE is a reliable, trustworthy and secured firewall for many Logistics companies and we feel that it is really very helpful.


The high five begins with our own In-house server - “Logisys” which help us in accuracy and ease in billing, accounting, documentation and customer service support. Logisys also contain track and trace data, shipper details, shipment details, shipment information from bottom to top and all accounting details. By just updating Logisys we can easily get the whole information from beginning to completion of a shipment. It will provide ease in accounting and billing, help customer service processes and reliability on shipment data. Logisys is used by many Logistics companies and the application proven its best records. There is more than one use of an application in our industry but Logisys is a single point of control on all the activities.

Mail Server:

Apart from Logisys, we implement the In-house E-Mail “MDaemon” server for excellent speed, data transfer, hassle free connectivity and for non-stop business conversations in the company and between our clients also for differently location based companies and agent’s offices. MDaemon mail server is an excellent In-house server for Logistics users. We are working frequently with this mail server and also clients never faced any error kind of situation. This server is specially designed to serve any Industry client but for our Logistics Industry we never feel any disappointment for it. MDaemon provide relief from several hassles and issues of speed and connectivity.

The Alt – N Com Agent:

For simplifying In-House operations in a smoother way, we are using Alt – N Com Agent. This is also a part of MDaemon mail server and also provided by Alt - N Technologies. It helps our employees to get easy access in day to day business conversations. This is an in-house chat system which provides hassle free chatting options towards the business support towards management. It saves time, money and energy which are very necessary for a Logistics Industry work processes. It also results in decrease of unnecessary projections which is usual in today’s scenario. Overall Alt – N Com Agent is very useful and helpful to connecting people while working in an office.