Our Systems

Information Technology:

To maintain a 360-degree control on our endeavor and to drive the continuous innovation of customer facing applications, we feel necessary to initiate and maintain strong IT service applications under eco-friendly environment conditions. We purchase genuine software’s from reputed software providers to strictly avoid piracy business and ill-spreading illegal software businesses which are registered under crime.

Tiger Logistics is overviewing Information Technology department on a regular basis to maintain the strength and support of our business because for accurately and timely logistics services information transfer is an important thing. Tiger Logistics entire global network uses unified, event-driven operational systems. We are able to control our systems development with the help of upgraded software's handled out by our experienced IT professionals and our operations staff every day.

Our IT professionals work on the development of new systems applications and enhancement of our existing systems. This consistency drives global standardization and enhances the quality and efficiency of our communications. Our internal systems are built to provide efficiency and functionality to our staff and business associates. We always prefer to use genuine Windows, Microsoft and IBM products for helping green and clean environment.

We are genuinely using Physical IBM servers, Intel Processors, Windows Server 2012 – R2, Microsoft Licensed software’s, Microsoft database servers and Microsoft desktop applications for DELL, SAMSUNG, SONY and HP systems only for better reliability of our services on the work environment.

Tiger Logistics regularly monitor updates coming from several web wires to update our applications and also received instructions to prevent ongoing and coming threats. To connect with web it is easy to upgrade systems and softwares today. We strongly believe in updates and changes by so we can easily protect our systems from web threats.