We believe in “working smarter rather than not just harder” and this belief help us to provide most efficient and timely logistics services globally. For over 14 years, Tiger Logistics serving the industry along with passion and commitment of Team Tiger which mainly responsible for our continuous improvement and growth also incredibly increases customers faith, reliability and trust on us in the Supply Chain arena.

We understand your unique business needs and our comprehensive spectrum of services provide best technical support to your endeavor with reduce in overall supply chain costs. Our flexibility in Supply Chain Management starts from point zero and go through all the way till you didn’t get the delivery of your goods. We diligently work for our customers in project accountability, decrease in surplus inventory and control in inflated process of deliveries along with visible monitoring till final receiving of goods.

Global Coverage:

Our experience of Air Freight and Ocean Freight, combined with the global coverage supported by our widely spread branch network and integrated Road and Rail Network, provides an excellent foundation to offer efficient Supply Chain Management solutions to our esteemed clients. From these roots we have grown up to a stage where we see ourselves as world's leading logistics providers.

Effective Solutions:

Our customer gets benefited from our expertise and experience in delivering effective solutions to the global supply chains of various corporations. You benefit from every new innovation, whether it involves a simple extension to our Air and Ocean Freight products or whether it requires a completely change in Supply Chain Model.

Offline destinations / Site Delivery:

We are specialized in delivering cargo to offline destinations in the world. It may be in interiors of Afghanistan or war torn destinations of central Africa or West Africa, interior Russian ports or offline/interior destinations in Latin America. Our expertise lies in delivering at project sites at various inland locations. We also handle material management at various project sites across the globe.

A wealth of experience - DDU & DDP and CIF Deliveries

At Tiger Logistics, we always keep looking and adding new solutions and methods to our process which further adds to the wealth of our experience, and it offers our customers a competitive edge in the market. We provide smooth and hassle free deliveries at worldwide destinations. We have strong network of overseas agents who are specialized in both sea and air shipments providing a complete range of services up to delivery site. Our overseas partners are proactive and offer a complete range of services and abide by the terms and conditions of the contract of DDU & DDP.

Special Case - Garment on Hanger / Fashion Retail:

Customized Retail Industry Solutions from Tiger Logistics We offer complete solution for Retail Supply Chain, our involvement refers to complete satisfaction for our customers. From Quality Check to Pick and Pack to the Last Mile Distribution, we handle it all. We encourage our customers to put the complete concentration in only one thing that is Production and the rest are taken care by us.

Tiger Logistics: Adding Tremendous Value to the Fashion Retail Industry:

  • Wrinkle-free delivery
  • Customized Transportation Solutions
  • Transparent & Integrated point of sourcing to the finished products
  • Delivery at retail outlets across the globe
  • Same-day sample delivery
  • Spacious, on-demand quality control areas
  • Garments on Hanger (GOH) and flat-pack garments
  • Buyer Consolidation
  • Pick and Pack
  • Sorting, labeling and re-packing
  • Direct to store deliveries
  • Full supply chain visibility
  • Reduction of stock level
  • Inventory and status report
  • Faster response to market demands
  • Re-Palletizing and shrink wrapping, labeling
  • Door pick-up and delivery
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • International and domestic distribution
  • Inventory management
  • Management reports and cost analysis