Project Logistics

Tiger Logistics is one of the world’s leading Logistics Service Providers involved in shipping of equipment and supplies for the Projects Sector throughout the world. At Tiger Logistics, we are proud to be known as specialist in project handling. We get involved in the project at the bidding stage and go all the way till the delivery of goods – It may be the remotest corner of the earth.

Our team of highly skilled Project Managers do a complete road survey to the project sites and understand the local condition in depth. We hire local expertise that help us to manage the most complex intricacies of the project with ease and help us to give real transit time for the transport of Heavy & ODC Cargo / Warehousing / Distribution.

We hire project specialists in foreign countries that help us to understand the trade regulations and agreements at the national and international level. We arrange security paroles and escorts for sensitive cargo. We use our own, heavy lift cranes, heavy load trailors, fork lift, off shore cranes, survey equipment’s, barges and various other handling equipment’s. We undertake project shipments on turnkey basis, and our expertise and experience in handling project shipment on an end-to-end basis gives us an edge over others. Project Shipments requires a very Spontaneous Analysis, Planning, Monitoring, Organizing and Perfect Execution of the shipment.

We offer a unique and specialized handling of various types of over dimensional cargoes. Tiger logistics began spreading its wings across the globe, striking success with major assignments in AFRICA, IRAN, CIS, ETHIOPIA AND MIDDLE EAST. We have rich experience in handling Projects of diverse nature whether they are Cement Plants, Sugar Mill, Hospital equipment’s, Boilers, generators, Textile Mills, Transformers, Power Plant equipment’s or various other projects, we have handled all.

Planning Capability:

With the expertise and experience in handling forwarding projects for the various industries, Tiger Logistics maintains proper coordination, perfection and accuracy in planning works for its customers. Tiger logistics always focus on delivery of projects at scheduled time and in proper condition.

For all heavy and large cargo we offer integrated turnkey project forwarding services and solutions for all our worldwide locations, be it Central, Remote or inaccessible regions. Our services involve a dedicated employees of Project Department are specialized in handling and management of all the activities related to project shipment. With a long experience and expertise, Tiger Logistics is able to control, manage, operate and handle projects on a door to door basis.

Detailed Analysis:

Tiger Logistics makes sure that every stage of the forwarding process is well analyzed, managed and monitored - whether it is to procure and transport components to major sites locally or globally. We also provide temporary storage spaces whenever necessary.

We have at our disposal; on shore-off shore Cranes, Pushers, Fork Lift, Ware Houses, Cabour Gangs to ensure that projects are handled with utmost ease, efficiency and safety.

The expanding list of satisfied clients reflects our ability to execute challenging projects which has been delivered consistently and brought accolades to the company.

Specialised Sector -AVIATION/ AEROSPACE:

Aerospace and defence companies face specific assembly and integration issues. Tiger Logistics helps these companies make the most of their budgets by offering innovative manufacturing and supply chain technologies to reduce costs, optimize the production cycle and secure the industrial ramp-up. Tiger Logistics offers clients deep global supply chain experience. This includes over 14 years of implementing manufacturing execution systems, supply chain management solutions and consulting services, such as production planning optimization and global lean initiatives. Complying fully with aeronautics industry standards, our facilities are perfectly suited to the storage and handling of large volumes and for value-added operations such as order management, quality control, assembly, packaging etc. With the globalization of supplies and maintenance and an ever-increasing pressure to cut costs, the aeronautics industry’s supply chain is currently governed by the principles of just-in-time processes and reduced repair cycles along with a need of global visibility on flows.

Tiger Logistics aviation customers rely on us for services in support of an aircraft's life cycle. Our aerospace expertise is a result of our experience as a global specialist in this industry, thanks to our supporters of the industry - aircraft or engine manufacturers, after market players, airlines and aircraft operators. Our integrated solutions cover the upstream and downstream aeronautics supply chain:

  • Emergency aircraft repair operations (AOG management)
  • Handling of multi-supplier orders
  • Management of specific customs systems and regulatory compliance
  • Management of spare parts flows
  • Turn Around Time and Re-Engineering of transportation

The complex demands of the industry in terms of product variety and dimensions, the complex distribution networks plus stringent accuracy and safety requirements make this concept unique.


Tiger logistics brings unmatched expertise and innovation to defence and procurement in support of government defence programs, UN peacekeeping missions, and humanitarian relief efforts. Tiger Logistics has proved its efficiency and reliability in the field of defence logistics, and as knowledge based logistics operator, with the ability to provide custom made solutions, we are adding value to our defence clients operations. The defence offset logistics entails frequent to & fro movement of various equipment's and parts from India and abroad. Therefore, Tiger Logistics developed an expert team of project specialists keeping in mind the industries demand and supply need.

Almost each and every country is in the process of revamping its defence preparedness and has undertaken ambitious plans of modernizing the defence and warfare equipment. The GoI, international organizations, relief groups and defence forces need partners who can move efficiently defence particulars in various challenging environments. As per the comprehensive defence procurement policy and procedures of GoI, many defence suppliers to India are now required to get some of their productions & services indigenized, as part of offset obligations. Therefore, Supply Chain Logistics for defence & aerospace would be area of opportunity for Tiger Logistics. Some of the best experiences with the nation, we are sharing below;

  • Ashok Leyland Trucks under United Nations peace mission, a help from India to Afghanistan during Afghanistan War exported by Tiger Logistics in the year 2001.

  • Airborne Warning and Control System (AEWACS) aircraft import from Israel to India for Indian Air Force in the year 2009.

  • Aircraft EMB – 1451 import (two times) from Brazil to India for DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) India in the year 2012.

Our esteemed clients of Project Logistics: