Cold Chain Logistics


Tiger Logistics India Limited specializes in frozen / chilled storages, transportation, warehousing, and distribution of logistics services for fresh reefer commodities, offering worldwide ocean freight services. We provide secure, sanitary transport by the highest quality refrigerated / frozen carriers for timely deliveries and greater product safety along with shortened delivery times which increase product shelf life. We maintain high level of automation like data logger / sensors etc. to ensure process follow up and managing crisis in well – defined manner. We are meticulous on stock control, cold storage and services like Palletizing, Sorting, Labeling and Re-packing.

Our Services:

We provide customised service solutions using unique consolidation / de-consolidation model with reliable refrigerated carriers at incredibly low rates and support it with outstanding customer service. Tiger Logistics provides refrigerated cargo service for all temperature sensitive and perishable goods. Temperature-sensitive cargos are shipped in accordance with proper specifications and instructions and Tiger Logistics ensures that delicate cargo like this gets the best possible care.

Our Specialty:

We provide the best services by using state-of-the-art equipment and proper management systems and by employing most suitable and experienced individuals across the globe. Our reputation as world's leading sea freight provider gives us an edge over others while offering temperature controlled cargo services. Our flexible, effective and economical service provides competitive edge to our customers in market. Tiger Logistics is a Pan – India player with planned footprints across key distribution cities providing logistics for – Fruits & Vegetables, Retails, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Agricultural products.

Careful Monitoring:

High class quality assurance is a very crucial and important element of Tiger Logistics approach. The combination of cargo temperature requirements and climatic variations makes correct temperature control essential. We rely upon our experienced and specialized employees who always keeps monitoring of these shipments throughout the journey, continually checking to ensure that all the precautions are taken and requirements are fulfilled to keep the product safe.

Special Case - HAZMAT Shipments (Chemicals & Hazards):

Tiger Logistics delivers integrated solutions to industries competing to thrive in today’s global, rapidly evolving world where science and technology intersect. Shipping hazardous materials requires more attention to detail than transporting regular goods, answering the unique challenges of these sectors is our strength. Proper packaging is a key to the safe transport of hazardous materials. Leaking hazmat packages can pose serious risks to the safety of transportation workers and to the environment. Using suitable containers, sufficient cushioning, absorbent materials, and secure closures will keep hazmat where it belongs—inside the package. We pay special attention to the complex requirements which govern each transportation mode, and the rules may vary in different locations. As we know the compliance is critical; getting it wrong can translate into heavy fines, undelivered products, or lost market-share opportunities.

We serve the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, biofuels, life science and food ingredient sectors, across commodity, intermediate, and specialty chemical supply chains. We understand your distribution environment;first we identify which transport modes will deliver your products to their destination and determine the required regulatory steps.Our hard and fast rule is to document everything; detailed paperwork describing the contents of your shipment helps ensure proper handling and movement throughout its journey.Our team of expert marks and labels all shipments prior to actually handling the package, that the contents carry inherent risks if involved in a fire or accident. Remove all unrelated markings and labeling so that handlers only see relevant information. When it comes to chemical transportation, handling, and storage of solid, liquid, and gases, be it packed or bulk, hazardous or non-hazardous, Team Tiger experts are at your disposal.

Our Esteemed Clients: